Thursday, January 26, 2017

little performer

Pretty much like her brother at her age, the little girl is into music and musical instruments. She loves to "perform" in our living room. She plays a guitar while daddy holds a flashlight for spotlight, her brother plays the drum, while I am the audience. Nobody can give as convincing an adulation as a mother, you know? Lol! If she can, she would do it on a daily basis but her backups sometimes hide when they know she is going to put up a performance. Daddy wanted to buy her a keyboard for her Christmas present but I said no because one keyboard in the house is enough. Besides, if she really wants to she could use the little man's keyboard. But she is into guitar at the moment. I teased the husband to save for a musicians friend mpk, just in case she will not stay in the "wanting to play musical instrument phase". He said he will worry about it when it happens which I think is smart because per experience, this phase will soon be outgrown.

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