Saturday, January 28, 2017

a spanking new guitar!

The little girl received a guitar for Christmas. She kept on playing with her brother's guitar so we Santa decided to giver her a guitar for being a good girl for most of the year. And it is pink! Her favorite color, of course. I had to look hard and long for that guitar because we wanted something that will last abuses and mishandling. Let's face it, she is a kid and kids have this tendency to tear things up without thought for its value. We wanted to buy something that is durable but at the same time affordable. We were lucky to have found just that. There were a lot of options at guitar center music stores but we got her guitar closer to home. She loves it! We were glad about our choice. She plays with her guitar while watching Taylor Swift on Youtube and it is just so cute! Maybe we will have a musician in the family after all.

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