Tuesday, December 6, 2016

we got a new tree

Today, the husband and I bought a new Christmas tree. We have had one for years and although it is still in good shape, it is just too big and bulky to decorate anymore. I wanted a smaller tree. The husband wanted a real tree. We ended up buying a plastic 5 foot tree that was not just small but cheap as well. I know this will be our tree from now on. It was so easy to decorate. We did it in mere minutes. We did not plan on having a tree this year but the little girl wanted a tree and she has been so excited about Christmas we did not want her to get disappointed. And the effort and expense was worth it. Her face lit up when she saw the little tree in our living room. She thanked daddy and gave me a hug for getting the tree. They are in the living room right now admiring it. Have we had music and friends over, it would really feel like Christmas. We are glad that she is happy. At least we have one child who gets excited over the holidays. The little man, ever practical and smart, does not believe in Santa anymore. Until he gets what he wants from "Santa". :D

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