Saturday, December 24, 2016

home for Christmas

We should have been in Florida today. Or maybe Virginia Beach. We have talked about it. Weighed our options and planned about it. In the end, we are home. We cannot go anywhere. The husband is sick. The little girl is sick. Now I am afraid that the little man might be sick as well. This Christmas should have been spent on a holiday somewhere away from home. But it is not meant to be. So, here we are. I am not even sure if I will cook. I have ingredients for a sweet salad. We do have turkey and ham, uncooked. We still have to figure out whether or not to celebrate with food. I just hope that my people are gonna get better and soon. It's just not right to be sick on a holiday as special as Christmas. On the up side, the kids have presents under the tree, to be opened on Christmas day. We will try to be merry and hope that everybody gets better so we will not celebrate the coming new year with ill health.

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