Tuesday, October 11, 2016

school is canceled

The kids have been home for almost a week now because of the hurricane. Or the aftermath. Houses are damaged here in the east coast. Some areas still have water and others do not have power. It is a mess. Our house was spared and for that we are very grateful. We had a bit of cleaning up to do because of broken limbs from the neighbor's tree that landed on our backyard but that was all. Schools were canceled the middle of the week last week and it is still canceled up to tomorrow. The rest of this week is still unknown, pending announcement from the district. We were lucky that our internet was up and running the day we returned home so the kids have been pretty occupied. The little girl was upset about the storm but she got over it after we explained to her how storms work and why. Of course it helped that she was around her nephews and niece because they all got busy playing while the adults worry about the storm. They did not play with brasswinds and woodwinds but the online games were a blessing. The storm passed with the kids barely noticing. There was a bit of discomfort when power went out but the temperature was cool enough we were able to sleep with windows open. It was an experience for sure and we are glad that we are alive to tell the tale. It sucks to go through a hurricane but we cannot stop nature, we can only try to stay safe.

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