Saturday, July 23, 2016

big dreams

The little man is currently working on a game. When I say working, I mean trying to build a program to make his own game. I know it is a lot to take in. Believe me, I already told him it is impossible. If I sound pessimistic it is because he does not even have a computer with large memory or operating system that supports what he is doing. But, he is doing it nonetheless. I do admire this kid's perseverance. He has asked a couple of times if we could buy him a newer and nicer computer with better specs but we told him to hold off on that. It will happen, of course. He wants an Apple computer though so I may have to save to get him what he wants, at the right time. I know it will not be long and he will be asking for a raven mti or some such equipment he can use to make games, or post quality videos online. As long as school is still a priority, we do not have any problem letting him do what he wants. Provided it does not cost us much and it does not take time away from his studies.

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