Wednesday, August 10, 2016

we did it!

 A view from Manhattan Beach Pier

For years, the husband has talked about wanting to visit his birthplace, Manhattan Beach. For years it stayed a a dream. It is just too expensive to travel to California with four people. There were airfare, lodging, food and miscellaneous expenses to budget. But something came through for us that made that dream a reality. So by end of summer last year we flew to LA to spend a few days there, not really knowing what to expect. This is something I have not been in my life. The husband might have been born in California but he has only been there once after his parents moved. Once! You can only imagine the excitement we all felt. Even the kids got excited just by watching us. Lol! The place did not disappoint, not for us. It was beautiful. It was fascinating. The people were fascinating. The view was marvelous. The houses were unreal, price-wise, that is. The Strand was delightful. We have not even left and we wanted to go back already. We talked about our trip for weeks after it happened. We still do now, with happiness and hope that it will happen again. Heck, if we only have the money we would like to move there, right now! Maybe one of these days. :D

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