Friday, May 1, 2015

a short trip up the east coast

Back in January, we went to Virginia Beach for a short vacation. We did not get to go anywhere on Christmas so we decided to go somewhere the first chance we get after the holidays. It was still cold but we were lucky that it was sunny all the time we were there. The good thing about going off season is that the motel rates are cheaper and there rarely are tourist which makes for a good time to enjoy the area. Virginia Beach and the cold weather is not our normal destination for vacations but we went there anyway because I have been wanting to go to Jollibee, a fast-food which started in the Philippines. They serve the same food, cooked the same way, in their branches here. The husband has promised to bring me to one years ago and early this year he made good on that promise. It was an enjoyable vacation. The little man who was hesitant about the trip said that Virginia Beach is now his favorite vacation destination. He loves it there. He was even sad that we had to go home on the third day. We told him we will go back. What we did not tell him is that we do not know when. I do hope it will be soon.

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