Sunday, April 19, 2015

sprucing up the yard

We went to visit the husband's oldest daughter today. She bought a house close to us and we occasionally drop by to visit her and let the kids play with her kids. They are almost of the same age that they can get along for long periods of time without aggravating each other, lol. She was working on the yard, saying she wanted one side of the backyard paved with white rocks while the other side will be done with patio stones. We then discussed the merit of grass over paved yard where we both agreed that paved yard is better because it is less messy and should cost less on maintenance as well. I suggested she buy a patio set when she is finished with her project because she has plenty of room for it. She can actually have two of those patio sets in her backyard and still have plenty of room to spare. That is how big her backyard is! She said she will definitely buy a set but will think about buying another set because she might just buy something else entirely to put in her yard. Did I mention she has a pool? That was where most of the kids were on today's visit which limits the babysitting to just one area of the house. It was nice. It made me almost wish for a bigger yard but then I know that it will not be paved like hers because the husband and I would probably till the whole area for a garden. Different priorities, I know. Anyway, what are your plans to spruce up your yard this season? Do you need to redecorate your patio? Here's some popular teak at Home and Patio D├ęcor Center! This might help you with ideas on what to do with your own yard. 

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