Sunday, March 29, 2015

spring break

The husband wanted for us to spend spring break away from home this year but it seems like it is not happening. It is ironic, really. We have the money to go somewhere but we can't because of other reasons. Whenever we planned on going somewhere, money was always the reason why we could not go. Now that we have saved up enough to go on vacation, we can't because the car we always use on trips is not conditioned enough that the mechanic in him is afraid to drive it away from home for days. So, we might just stay home and perhaps work on the back yard. Am I disappointed? No. In fact, I am relieved. Although you might have to keep that secret for me because he is disappointed. Fortunately, he could not blame me for this so I am off the hook. Lol!
In as much as I love to travel and I enjoy every trip we make as family, I did not see any reason to go somewhere else this spring break. What for? We live on the beach, more or less two miles away from it that when the wind is blowing on the right direction we can smell salt air while sitting in the backyard. It had been a mild winter so even if there were cold days, it was offset by milder days where we get to actually enjoy being out of the house in the middle of winter. No cabin fever here which was a nice change from a couple of years ago. It is really nice, to be living in the coast. He does agree to it. As for wanting a getaway, I told him if he really wants to go on a trip, we can always go to D.C. so I can process mine and the kids dual citizenship at the embassy. Now, that will be a trip worth planning for!

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