Friday, August 1, 2014

a pleasant surprise

The family ate out today. We went to a Mexican restaurant where the little man surprised us by eating tortilla chips dipped in salsa. Nobody urged him to eat, he did it on his own. He kept on saying that it was good and by the amount he consumed I would say he was not just saying it to make anybody happy. The experience was probably as surprising as receiving a brand new godin a5 from a perfect stranger. Totally unexpected! Normally, when we tell him we are going out to eat he always whine about McDonald's but not this time. The husband told his son he was very proud of him although he was miffed that the younger man hogged the dip, lol. I am hoping that this is the beginning of him trying new food and that he will enjoy the experience all the time. As for the little girl, she had ice cream after making it known to everybody she was not interested on anything else. We are optimistic that she will change her preferences as she gets older. After all, the little man used to be picky too but look at him now. There is hope! Lol.

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