Monday, July 21, 2014

enjoying some quiet time

The husband is watching a documentary right now. He wants me to watch it with him since the kids are sleeping but I do not feel like watching a documentary. If it was fiction I would probably stay in the living room with him, to yell and scream at the tv screen. As it is, I am happy sitting here in bed doing my things online. I have played all my online games that I need reinforcement from my online friends. Fortunately for me, it is easier than searching or buying affordable bass with an active preamp online so I am confident that my friends will send me lives and help me unlock the next levels once they get around to sitting in front of their computers. I will just have to be patient and wait. I may have to wrap it up because my kids are early risers and they have this annoying habit of waking everybody up just because they are up. I need my beauty rest to keep up with them during the day.

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