Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A friend who has cats has been worried about one of them being sick. She brings her cats to the doctors when she thinks the animals need it but she also tries to figure out what is wrong first by keeping an eye on her pets to determine whether or not they need treatment. I do not blame her because she has been out a lot of money for her cats. I guess she has to make sure if the animals really do need a vet's care. She said that she is grateful that she can get online to check about the animals' symptoms and that she can actually purchase medicines on this website if she thinks it is needed. I salute her for being patient with her pets and for taking good care of them. I love pets as long as they are owned by somebody else and I do not have to take care of them. That is why even if the little man has been asking for a dog, the husband and I still have not given in. We might in the future when he is old enough to understand that pets need care and if he wants one he will have to take care of it but not right now. It is a lot of responsibility and it takes commitment to have a pet.

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