Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a not very fun vacation

The family went to Orlando for spring break. It was not planned. We did not think of going anywhere. We thought we will spend the whole week at home just relaxing until the husband's oldest daughter and her family came to visit and prompted us to go with them to Florida for a few days. The husband refused at first but she was persistent and said she will pay for everything so we went ahead and packed. Why not, huh? She paid for our room then gave us gas money. Pretty good for vacation companions, right? The day of our trip started out good but come night time, the little man started throwing up. He said his tummy felt funny. The husband and I got ready for a sleepless night taking care of a sick child. Do you know what it is like to take care of a child with stomach bug in a motel room? Not fun, at all. He felt better in the morning so at noon we decided to venture out and checked the house that the stepdaughter was buying, in another city in Florida. On our way there, the little man started whining so we stopped to let him get fresh air which was a good move because as soon as he got out of the car he started throwing up again. When he finished he asked for food. He was better after that. At midnight I started feeling queasy and then the cramps, nausea, followed by vomiting and diarrhea followed. It was awful. The husband got sick the same time I did. Then on our way home the little girl got sick and started throwing up while in her carseat. The only good thing that happened was that none of the kids had diarrhea. I am telling you, it was a vacation like no other. The husband and I laugh about it now that we are home but during that ordeal (it was definitely that) we were so miserable. Yes, the vacation was paid for by somebody else but had I known something like that would happen, I would have preferred to stay home. No amount of money would have been enough for me to go anywhere knowing my family will be sick. But, it is over and done with. And, oh, there is one more thing that is a plus on this trip: I got to go back to the Chinatown in Orlando to buy Asian goodies before we went home. Glass half full, right? :D

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