Sunday, February 2, 2014

warm day, at last!

Today is going to be a warm day. You will not believe how we have been waiting for this day to happen. We are so ready to get outside and enjoy the sun for a change. The last couple of weeks had been horrible. It is so beautiful outside right now that we can actually see (and hope) that Spring is coming. We plan on getting some yard work done today. There are wood (from last Fall) that I need to stack in the backyard to make room for a little garden that I am planning to tend. It will also be the perfect time to let the kids outside to play. They have been cooped up inside the house with us for days because of that winter storm that hit our city. If I feel like it, I might even go to the store to look for a patio table and chairs and some outdoor cushions to go with it. I am so happy to be able to go outside without bundling up or being worried about inhaling cold air. I hope it will stay like this until Spring.

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