Friday, January 24, 2014

warm days, where are you?

The last week had been very cold for us on the east coast. The husband said he has not experienced anything like it in the years he lived in the city we are living right now. It is awfully cold that we stayed in unless we really have something important to do. It does not help that we all are sick with the cold and have been barking like dogs because of these pesky cough that will not go away. The only thing we can do is stay home to keep warm and hope to get better. Anyway, since there is basically nothing else to do at home, I have been on the computer more than I am used to. That is, when the little girl is happy with whatever cartoons she is watching on Netflix. Surprisingly though, I have not browsed through store websites for clothes or anything of the like. I am in fact browsing musical instruments, of all things. I was looking at this cp50 for sale at guitar center and I thought how the little man would like to have this. His portable piano player looks like a toy compared to this one. The price is way too much to buy for a boy his age though so I scratched that idea off my head. Maybe someday he will buy it for himself if he still likes to play the piano. I think pianos are better than drums any day anyway. Other than browsing online for stuff that I do not have any plan on buying, I have been baking as well. This weather might just cause me to go crazy if it will not straighten up because it makes me do things I do not normally do. I cannot wait for the warm days of Spring so we can spend hours at the beach again.

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