Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The little man started first grade this school year and so far he is doing good in school. He brings home assignments every Monday. We have a few days to work on it then he has to submit it on Thursday. His teacher informed us that she is doing this to establish routine for her first graders. I am all for it. I know that the little man does better when a routine is followed instead of just randomly doing things as I see fit. My kids thrive on routine which worked well (and so far is still working) for us, the parents. This way, there is less tantrums since they already know what to expect. I am proud to say that the little man actually requires less supervision. He can read very well so he understands and follows instructions easily. Sometimes he tells me I do not need to hover when he is doing his assignments but I explained that mommy needs to make sure everything is right so he will get the highest grade. That always appeases him because he likes it when he gets a reward from his teacher for doing excellent on his school work. What I do now is that I let him do his assignment while I get on my computer in the same room so if he has questions I can easily answer them. Also, it makes the "hovering" less obvious. :D

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