Friday, November 29, 2013

no black friday shopping

Black Friday is almost over yet I have not bought anything. I was tempted to buy (there were all kinds of good deals online) but I did not give in. Not even when I learned that the bread machine that I have always wanted was on sale for cheaper than what it used to. With free shipping at that! I surprised myself, to be honest with you. I really thought I will break down and order something online. Never happened. There is still time to redeem myself though, there is Cyber Monday still to unfold. I may buy a kindle HD which I have been planning to get so it will be easier for me to read ebooks. I figure it will be better than using my phone to try to read books. Smaller than a regular tablet yet bigger than my smartphone. Anyway, we will see come Monday what the deals are. I may just be inclined to spend some money for items that we might not need but I will probably use.

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