Tuesday, November 26, 2013

charm bracelet

About four months ago, I was given a charm bracelet by my stepdaughter. It is an expensive bracelet and is made of sterling silver. It contained one charm and she said I can actually buy more to personalize it. Although I have heard about charm bracelets, I did not actually know that I can buy charms one at a time, or that it could be costly. I calculated the cost I would have to incur and it made me blanch. Literally. She laughed at that but I did not think it was funny. I would love to have a charm bracelet but not so much as to spend so much money on it. That was why I did not buy a pretty gemstone jewelry I found online no matter how I loved the simplicity of it.And that did not even cost as much as she paid for just the bracelet alone that she gave me. I am grateful for the present but right now, I do not have the means to buy charms so the bracelet is tucked away safe until I can figure out a cheap way to buy charms. The thing about jewelries is that they keep for a long time until the owner is ready for them. If I cannot use it then maybe I can give it to the little girl when she is old enough to wear a bracelet and buy her own charms.

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