Friday, August 2, 2013



I have not seen coconuts in years. So when we went to a place littered with coconut trees, I was so happy and I had to take pictures. Above is one of the pictures I took on our trip to Key West.There were so many coconuts I did not know what to think, lol. The fruits were not as big as I was familiar with but it was close enough. The husband bought me green coconuts because he has heard my stories about drinking fresh coconut juice when I was a kid. I was a bit disappointed when he told me the price because it was a bit high for me. Considering the availability of coconut trees to harvest, it should have been priced low. But then we were on a tourist place so I guess the fruits were priced right. I don't know. I know though that the juice tasted good. It was fresh and it was refreshing. I even brought one back with us, for future use.

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