Friday, July 26, 2013

key west

We went on a short vacation to Key West last week. I did not really know what to expect so I was surprised when we got there. It was almost like the island I was from if not for the presence of cars and shopping malls. There were chickens roaming in parking lots, and restaurants that were a bit like the carenderias of old. If they only serve the same food that Filipino restaurants do, I would say it will be like my hometown. I personally like the calm waters, no crazy waves that the atlantic ocean is known for. The water was so calm that the little girl actually braved to wade through the water up until it reached her neck. And it was so clear, blue-green waters, that one can look down and see her toes and maybe some little fishes swimming nearby. I love the place but I dreaded the drive. It was so far away, with roads and or bridges mostly on the water, it scared me. The husband said he will be fine if we do not go back which I heartily agree. We had a good time, we enjoyed our trip and now it is time to move on. We are talking about visiting Virginia Beach when we get the time. And money to spare.

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