Friday, June 7, 2013

we are definitely moving

The husband and I have decided to sell our property. This is the same property that we bought almost two years ago. We love our garden and we enjoy the quiet days by the creek but he said that he will be happier if we are at the beach. With the onset of his arthritis and some other issues that are not health related, we have made our decision to move. The neighbor have made an offer and he said he is serious so we will be talking to him and his wife about details and conditions. It is not easy for me to make this decision and I have told the husband about it. I do like country living and I love our garden. But it is far to get anywhere in this place. We used to live on the east coast where everything is practically minutes away so even after three years we are still adjusting. On the other hand, I miss fresh seafood. I also miss very early morning walks on the beach on weekends. So after talking and planning, we made the decision and we are now ready to move on and start over again. It will be chaotic because we still do not have prospects when we get to the east coast but we will make do with what we have. With prayers and hopes for some positive changes we should be able to make it. Wish us good luck.

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