Wednesday, May 22, 2013

we had visitors

A friend who lives nearby came over our house today for a short visit. She brought her kids with her who are of close age to my kids so the little ones had an impromptu playdate. They all loved it. I did too. I rarely get any Filipino visitors because everybody around here is busy so I like it when somebody does come to visit. We just talked while watching the kids play. Before they left, I gave my friend an old fashioned squash (kalabasa) from last year's harvest. I kept several because I know the fruits are still good after months if kept in a cool dry place and there are no bruises or cuts in them. I also gave her two dozen brown eggs that my SIL (she gave me almost five dozens) gave me. She was happy with her loot and said that had she known I will give her stuff when she comes over she should have done it before. Lol. I thanked her for coming over and invited her and the kids to come back anytime they want. It is nice to have good friends over.

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