Friday, May 17, 2013

he likes listening to music

The husband loves his portable little radio. He brings it with him when he is outside in the yard whether  he is just relaxing or tinkering with something. The little man thinks it is noisy and has often times turned off his father's radio when he had the chance. It does not end well when he does that but he does anyway. I am like the little man, I like it quiet around me most of the time. The husband is the only person here that likes some kind of music playing all the time. He even said something about buying a stereo system with cd and mp3/ipod player so he can listen to songs he likes without the static that one hears when using portable radios. He said he will, of course, buy a stereo stand so he can put the stereo system in a place where he can get to it easy but the kids cannot. I say, good luck to him from keeping the kids away from a new "toy". Lol. I do like the idea of a stereo system because I liked the one we had years ago. It stopped working for some reason and we did not think about getting one again, until the husband said something about it. I guess I will just have to wait what he decides to do. I hope he buys something fancy :D

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