Saturday, May 25, 2013

fil-am party

We attended a Fil-Am party today. There was plenty of good food and a lot of new faces I did not recognize. When I commented about it, the host told me that the reason I do not know anybody is because I have been absent in a lot of gatherings. Well, guilty as charged. Lol. The husband and I made the decision to decline invitations because of the kids. For some reason they get rowdy when we are in another person's house and it is embarrassing. The other reason was that one or both the kids had the sniffles and we did not want them to pass it on to other kids or maybe get worse so we stayed home. The decision to attend today has been decided for a week and thankfully the kids were both feeling fine. Of course it did not mean they were both good at the party but one out of two acting up is a good statistic considering I have two terrors here. The little man acted good today. He played with kids, did not get hurt, nor did he hurt another kid. It was good on his end. The little girl was a different story. She was so mean. She acted up, cried so much when she did not get her way, and pretty much tried to  ruin our stay. She settled down a bit when I distracted her with ice cubes and a cowbell but then she went right back to throwing a fit. She wanted to get in the trampoline and stay there so we did but it made me dizzy after all the other kids were jumping all around us. The little imp loved it. Poor me had to suffer but it does not happen often so it was not too bad. Our friends who have seen her a year ago could not believe how big she has grown and how different her behavior is now. She used to be a happy baby, see? She was always on her stroller when we attended parties last year and was content in it so when she showed her attitude today they said she is totally a different child. One of the older Filipinas told me to not worry, this will all pass. She said her daughter was worse but that she changed eventually. She said kids calm down as they get older. I honestly cannot wait for that day to come.

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