Thursday, March 14, 2013

it is almost full

We are gathering "items" to fill up a balikbayan box which we will send to my parents in Leyte. The expenses add up and it is a bit sad for the wallet but we draw positive thoughts on the fact that a lot of people will be happy if and when the box gets to its destination. We do this almost every year, as long as we know we can afford the extra expense. There is rarely anything expensive included in the box but like I said, things add up. Old clothes, soaps, shoes, he kids' old clothes, are among the things that we put in the box. Sometimes we buy stuff as per special request by the parents but they rarely ask for anything expensive. They just want things that they know they will be able to use and perhaps give away to the relatives. We are halfway through and I will be relieved when this box is taped, sealed, and ready to go. Then I will have weeks of worrying and hoping that the box will arrive to its destination on time and without problems. It happens every year, the stress and the worry, yet we keep on doing it. There must be something wrong with us, lol.


Dhemz said...

ayay, am sure they're going to love everything inside mamijan...ako murag once in a blue moon ra jud ko makapadala...pagkamahal man jud tawon woi!

Poray said...

mahal bitaw maong ang isa ka box isa pud ka tuig before mapuno lol hinay2 lang kay di man pud kabayran ang kalipay sa mga modawat sa box :)