Friday, March 29, 2013

i was a drummer

Back in high school, I was a drummer. This was what we called kids who played(?) the drums for our school's version of the drum and bugle corps. I think I was in it for two straight years. I was not very good if you must know, but I could pass for average which was what was required back then. We were all what one would call primitive, lol. The new generation are better and joins competitions but not our batch. I was recruited by one of my teachers and I accepted because it was fun, not to mention it boosted my extra-curricular activities. I may have been a drummer but I was curious when I read the words addictive drums online. It was only when I read that I understand that it is not what I thought it was. It is way different than what I used when I was young since I used a real drum while addictive drums is actually a software. Times have changed and I am getting old. Things are getting so high-tech anymore which makes some things easier. It is fun to remember the old times and how simple things were back then.

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Unknown said...

My son is in percussion at our local high school. Things have really changed since I was in kid in the late 70s. Lots of competitions.

(I found my way over here via blogger, just randomly.)

I noticed you have some Filipina friends. My mom is Filipina, from Negros Occidental. My dad is an American. I can cook Filipino dishes when I want to--this weekend I'm going to try to make Adobo. I usually put too much vinegar or cook it too long.

Nice to meet you. You can stop by my blog any time.