Friday, March 22, 2013

cheap vacation spots

Just the other day, the husband and I were talking about his long time plan of going to visit his birthplace in California. It is roughly a 3-day drive (day-time driving only) he said. He did it before but it was on an errand so he was not able to explore. He wants to stay longer, and this time with me and the kids. It is really exciting to talk and pretend to plan a trip. The problem comes when reality hits that it is not cheap to go anywhere anymore because of high gas price which basically drives the prices of all other necessities up. It is a lot easier to go on vacation nearby, where we do not have to be out too long on the road nor do we have to be out a lot of money on gas. The key is finding cheap vacation spots that the whole family will enjoy. The kids and I will be happy if we so much as get out of the house, it is the husband who has to really want to be on a certain place so he will not whine and complain about the whole deal. Some friends told me that research is key. The thing with researching online is that I cannot be sure whether or not the place is really what it seems. But I guess I will have to hope that it is. We like to go to the beach, the husband's "favorite place in the world". We might even go before summer. As for California, we will surely visit one of these days but it might not be soon since it requires a bit of planning and a lot of money. If only we can find a vacation package for a family of four that is cheap affordable, it will be tantamount to winning the lottery. Yet, I know there is hope. :D

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