Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sleep deprived

I did not get enough sleep last night. I went to bed at midnight after several episodes of Burn Notice and just when I was sound asleep, the little girl woke up and started raising hell. Nothing I did pacified her. She wanted to be up and playing at 3am! I could not let her do that. Not with me needing some sleep. Besides, I could not let her make loud noise which is what she does when everything is quite because I did not want her to set off the alarm. I made her sleep between me and her father which did not result good. She kicked, rolled over, whined, pulled my hair, scratched my face. All while I was trying to go back to sleep. The little imp thought I will let her do what she wanted if she was loud and obnoxious enough. Never happened. When the husband got up to transfer the little girl to her bed, that was when she really got loud. She cried like she was badly hurt. I know I have a drama queen here. I decided to stay up and made her sit on my lap while I talk to her. It was mostly baby talk and gibberish but she settled down eventually. It took about an hour like that before I crawled back in bed, with her, where she did not do anything but lie still. She then went to sleep at past 4am. I should be happy because I was also able to sleep. Until the little man decided to join the bed party not long after that. I heard the husband said something about not squashing the little girl but I said she was in her bed. I must have been half asleep because the next time I woke up I saw the little girl beside me while the little man was missing from bed. I do not know how long he was even in our bed. The little girl was in our bed after all. That must have been why the little man did not stay too long with us. When one is sleep deprived, one clearly does not know what is going on. I need to go to bed early so it will not be so bad the next time this happen, because if I know my kids, this will happen again. Sigh!

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