Friday, February 8, 2013

getting his estate in order

The husband's very old uncle is starting to get things ready for his eventual demise. It sounds morbid but he knows he is old so he wants everything in order. He said somebody should do it after he is gone but to avoid any future problems for his heirs, he wanted this done while he is still able. I do not know what he has or how much but I have heard talk about a farm, some CD accounts, antiques, even best fixed annuity rate, among other things. He does not have a wife or kids since he stayed single all his life so we are all assuming he will leave everything to his younger sister. I teased the husband that he might just get the farm since we were offered to live in a house within the property (which the husband turned down) but he said he doubts that. We do not really expect to get anything. We just want the old man to get his properties in order so there will not be any problems if something happens to him. But, should we be included in the will, we will be grateful :D

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