Sunday, January 20, 2013

membership and perks

I just got off Facebook where I spent a long time browsing pictures of people I know since I was a child. I have not been back to my hometown in years and prior to that I have only really spent a few weeks, maybe months, at a time when I visited so I did not have time to see everybody as much as I wanted to. Being a member of a group on Facebook whose members were born and raised (some are still living) in the same town has its perks. I get updates about my hometown and updates about its people. It is nice to see old faces like the old man who makes the rounds on houses caroling although I cannot help but notice how he needs a new banjo so bad.  Or the funny old man who drives a trike who makes everybody laugh with his silly jokes. I also get to see old friends from school and old teachers. The improvements in town, the gossip, some jokes, lots of food that I grew up eating, and people new and old that I met are enough for me to visit the page everyday just to check for new updates. It helps with the homesickness a lot. I am glad for social media and I am also glad for people who are good enough to start a page about my birthplace. It is good to belong.


tx sweetie said...

same here pud day ay. akong bana di ka gets nganu ako nawng naa ras facebook permi. ako ingnon bisan mao nay akong window to the world. ug gi online schooling pa kuno naku akong mga oras na spent sa facebook, nana kno unta koy masteral degree ron naks ahak

Poray said...

grabe pud nang masteral degree dai oi lol