Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a new house

Everyone dreams of owning a house. I do not know anyone who would say no to that. Although some may say that building a house is not everyone's priority, still, everyone would want to own a house of his or her own. I know of someone who, in his desire to have a house of his own, bought items and accessories little by little before he even have the money to put as down payment for a lot. Imagine him buying floor flange, pipes, even the cans and pails of paint. I guess he was building his house in such a manner that some would build a car. That is not at all bad but I could only imagine what he was thinking when he did it. He did eventually build his house and is living in it now which is good for him. A lot of people still has not started to do anything with their dream of owning a house. Surviving is first priority now, what with the economy not in good shape. Owning a house has not become a first priority anymore to some people but I know that they still long for it to happen. I know because we have been there.

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