Thursday, December 6, 2012

what might have been

During the early days of our marriage, the husband and I disagree on one thing, work. I wanted to work while he wanted me to stay home. There were issues we needed to solve like my immigration status but it was something that would have been easily solved so I can start looking for jobs. He was firm though, he said he wanted me to stay home so we can start a family right away. Yes, he wanted to have more kids (he has two older kids from his ex-wife) and for us to do that I needed to stay home. I hated the idea. I did not want to have kids right away. I wanted to be able to work, even just for the experience. With the advice of an online friend who at the time worked at Whole Foods, I started looking for whole foods locations near us so I can put in an application. She did tell me she had all kinds of benefits from her work so I thought I will give it a try. Well, that did not happen. The husband was adamant that I stay home. He said he can provide for me and our family so there was no need to work. Then I got pregnant so that was the end of that plan, lol. When I look back, I still think of what might have been. Sure, I love my kids and my life but I wonder if it will be any different had I worked and we waited for a while before having kids. I will never know that.Six years later, here I am still jobless. But it can be rectified and this time, I have the husband's approval. Let's hope that I can do it.

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