Friday, December 21, 2012

two days!

The juice diet did not do well. I did it for two straight days then I quit. The call of food is just too much to ignore. The husband laughed at me. Well, I did tell him I had really good intentions but food called and it was rude to ignore it. Lol. I did feel better during the two days on the diet. If nothing else, I was able to do some "cleansing". I will do it again though but I will wait for him to do it so I will have somebody to remind me that I am supposed to be on a diet. Thing is, I was never really hungry when I was only taking in fresh fruits and vegetable juice but I guess I am so used to munching on food that my system somehow missed it and was looking for it. It won, too. Or maybe I just don't have the discipline to stick to the plan. Perhaps next time.

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