Monday, December 10, 2012


The little man has a microphone stand that we bought for him a couple years ago. That was when he fancied himself quite the singer. The old microphone that we bought for him to use had been discarded and trashed. But the husband does not want me to throw the stand away. He said it is in perfect shape and it is not bothering anybody so we are keeping it. I am glad I listened to him because now that I think about it, the stand did cost money. Besides, we should be able to use it again, if we want to. Who knows, the little girl might fancy herself a singer one of these days. Or better yet, I can actually use this for what I am planning to purchase when I get some funds. See, I want to buy magic sing so the little man and I can sing to our hearts' desire if and when we want to. When it happens, I am sure he will want to use the microphone stand with a good wireless mic to sing along with me. It will be something for us to look forward to. I just hope I will have the funds soon.

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