Sunday, December 30, 2012

our own Christmas tradition

We went to Florida last week. The husband and I have been making our own Christmas tradition for several years now, that is to spend our Christmas somewhere warm. Well, as warm as it gets in the winter, lol. We had a good time although I was ready to bash him in the head for complaining about how cold some of the days were. He was born and raised here and I am supposed to be the complainer but it was the other way around during our stay. I am not sure if he was really cold or he just wanted to aggravate me. I don't think lower 60's and upper 50's were cold. Provided it was a bit windy but we were on the beach, on an ocean front room, so we were going to get wind. He did not complain all the time though. Only when I wanted to go to the mall. Lol.
We went to Panama City Beach which was a first time for all of us. I loved the white sand beach and the blue-green water. The little man enjoyed our walks where he got to collect some shells. Even the little girl liked the sand and tried to get in the water several times even if it was cold. We all agreed we had a good time although the husband said we will not go back to Panama City Beach anytime soon. He said he would rather go to Orlando again or maybe in Clearwater even if it means paying more for our accommodation. Either of these two are very okay with me as long as we do not go in the summer because it can get too hot in Florida during summer.

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tx sweetie said...

hahaha reklamo ra imo bana day ug tinggawas nimo alibi ra nungog sa asawa. may mo oi duol mos FL mao maka yano ramo ug drive padung didto... kami perting lagyoa ug kadagatan uroy...suya pud tas inyong white sandy beach diha ba