Friday, November 30, 2012

tourist visa application

My parents are processing their papers to apply for tourist visas to the US. I could have petitioned them so they can be residents when they get here but I want them to visit us first, see what it is like to live here and if they think they will survive the way of life here and make a decision then the husband and I will act based on that decision. We are already excited. The husband, most especially. He is already worried that my parents will not like the way we are living but I told him there is nothing to fear. I am more worried on whether or not they will get approved each a visa. We all know how hard it is to get a visa if a person is coming from a third world country. We are praying that they will get approved though. I have not been back to my hometown, my parents have not seen my children so this is really a big deal for all of us. If they get approved then they can come here to spend a few months with us. This means we will not go to the Philippines to visit which is fine with me as long as my parents get here. The anticipation will be unbearable but we will persevere. Like my mother said, if they get denied for a visa I will have to petition them. Lol. She is already looking for a back up plan. We are all hoping this first attempt to come to the US will be successful though.


Rcel said...

mao ba mami? kung daku ug sweldo imong hubby and you are working, too and earning, sa akong nahibaw-an, approved diritso. akong best friend sa FL kay nurse, diritso approved iyang parents sa tourist visa ang pangutana, "what's your daughter's work? ra. unya kay nurse man, gi-OKhan dayon sila. i hope ma-approved imong parents pud. haaay ka-lami ra ba ug naay parents intawon kauban. :D

Poray said...

kini lang bya ang blogging ako work mami then si bana dili pud kaayo dako ug income maong pakapinan tawn ug pag ampo nga ma approve para bisan man lang unta ug pila ka months maka stay sila diri puhon