Thursday, November 22, 2012

on a juice diet

Yesterday was supposed to be the day I start my juice diet. I am tired at looking at my fat self in the mirror so I thought it was time to do something about it. I was doing pretty good almost the whole day until the husband told me that we might fix some food for Thanksgiving. When I said I am on a diet he just told me to begin again after the holidays. Thus said the man who told me I need to lose weight because I am starting to look weird. Sigh! And since I lack discipline I did what he told me. So, I ate. And I ate. Now I am miserable and I feel guilty. Perhaps I will begin again tomorrow. Wish me luck!


tx sweetie said...

hahaha imagination rana nimong "fat self" oi the way i see you in ur pics, i don't see you that way man, cute uroy ni poray no?

Poray said...

hingdako ko dai..last month after sa among bakasyon nag 101 lbs na lng ko pero karon 108lbs nga malagatak..sakit kaayo akong buot pero lami man ikaon gud pud oi