Saturday, November 3, 2012

chocolate rounds

These babies are real chocolate, made from cacao fruit. Cacao trees grow good in PI which is a good source of chocolate in its pure form. In Leyte, we call the chocolate tableya while its English translation is either chocolate rounds or chocolate tablet. These are used for different recipes such as champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge), sikwate (chocolate drink), and any other recipe which calls for chocolate. Champorado is good for breakfast but Filipinos sometimes eat it for snacks. Sikwate is best paired with either puto maya or suman. If it is pure (some commercial products have additives) the smell is wonderful. It is said that tableya is not good for people with highblood pressure but I do not know that for a fact. I want a bowl of champorado every now and then that is why I bought these much tableya from another Filipina online. I have not had the time to cook yet but I will eventually. It should be good on this cold, rainy days.


Cacai M. said...

Waaaa! Here you are tableya! After such a long time, Momi Janice got you. ;-)

My grannies usually did such dishes you mentioned Momi Jan and I love it when I only just have to eat after she finished. Waaaa! Now I miss her. May their soul rest in peace, they're a darling.

These chocolates looks enticing huh and makes me scratch my lappy screen to get it, ha! :)

AdinB said...

Oh I miss some tableya. I want me some! I remember my grandma used to make fresh tableyas. Hmmm.. I want some sekwate in the morning with some pandesal. hehehehehe..