Thursday, October 11, 2012

their favorite hang-out

I found this picture when I was browsing through my old Photobucket account. A friend did this when our babies were little. We used to chat everyday about our kids and what they were doing. We laughed at how alike they were in some ways yet so different on others. One of the things they liked to do was getting on dishwasher doors apparently just to hang out. Lol. Don't they look so cute? Fortunately, the dishwasher doors were made solid so they did not tear it up. As they grow older, it is apparent that the kids are very different in temperament. My little man is so bossy and demanding while my friend's little boy is quiet and obedient. She does have a little hell-raiser of a daughter though so she still can relate when I tell her stories about what the little man has said or done.I still have to figure out what my little girl is made of. I am sure I will be able to tell you before long.


jheylo said...

hahhahaha muot kos hell-raiser dai

Poray said...

tinuod btaw lol mga kanahan kaayo ni ambot asa sophie nagsugod na pd ug katkat sabay hulog haguy kunsumisyon