Wednesday, October 31, 2012

losing weight through fresh juice

The husband is on a quest to help his son lose weight. With the younger man over 200 lbs it is a bit of work. But we have found a tested way to do it, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, inspired from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Our "project" already lost about 20 lbs the first round. He stopped for weeks but is now back to want more juice. It will be like starting over so it is a bit of work especially for me who has to prepare all the fruits and vegetables to be juiced. The husband does the actual juicing while his son does nothing but drink and whine about it. Yeah, such is life. Lol. There are times I do not want to help but then I know the husband will do it which means more mess in the kitchen so I'd rather do it myself. His son could have done it but he is basically useless. I can go on about how my stepson is nothing but a whiny kid who blames everybody for everything that happens to him but I will stop here. For now. I just want to help the husband. I hope this round will make his son lose another 20 lbs.

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