Wednesday, October 10, 2012

an accident

The last time I talked to my parents, my father said he bought a pair of cheap motorcycle helmets for safety purposes. They got in a motorcycle accident while on their way to town when a stray dog crossed the road. Fortunately, he was driving slow or it could have had a bad outcome. As it was, my mother suffered bruises on her side and her legs while my father had a limp due to his leg being pinned between the motorcycle and the ground when the accident happened. Nobody in the vicinity claimed ownership of the dog because they knew they would have been liable for the accident what with a new ordinance against dogs being loose. I am glad they are okay. Yes they were hurt but they did not suffer anything worse so we are still grateful. I told them to be extra careful every time they get on their motorcycle. A helmet may help but being cautious and alert will help them prevent any more accidents.

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