Wednesday, September 12, 2012

on vacation

We are on vacation right now. I think almost everybody is having fun. I could not believe that I am actually enjoying it. I had hopes but I did not really expect it to happen considering the reason for this vacation. We have walked the beach several times. Oh, how I love that. We used to walk the beach every day when we lived near the coast. The kids love it too. I did not hear anything but giggles and laughs while the little man tried to get his sister to walk with us instead of running after other people who were walking the opposite way. I have a few pictures that I took but it is mostly of the kids. The husband said he looks too awful to pose for pictures while I think of myself the same way. Now you know why we stay together, lol. We will be away for a few more days then it will be back to reality for us. I hope the remaining days will be as carefree and fun and loaded with food. Yes, I have to have food or I will be miserable. I will worry about my weight when we get back.


Dhemz said...

ayay, gikan pa diay mo nag vacay mami...miss nako ang ang baho sa dagat...ehehhe!

Poray said...

nanguli na mi mami..dia nanggi pislango resulta sa bakasyon lol