Friday, September 7, 2012

freak snow

The picture above was taken in Charleston, South Carolina in 2010. It snowed which was not a normal occurrence down there. The locals called it a freak snow. We had fun because we have lived in that place for years yet we have not had snow, until that day. We all loved the place we called home for years because of the proximity to the beach and the availability of fresh seafood. The snow only added to the beauty of it all. Sadly, we had to leave the place that same year. We have been back several times to visit but only to stay for a few days at a time. We constantly think of the south now that we are living hundreds of miles from the beach and all that fresh seafood. We would like to go back there one day to once more live there. If only money is not an issue we surely would like to have a house there, ocean-front, if you please.


Jessica Cassidy said...

Yes! South Carolina seldom get snow but am sure people are cold hehehe and of course love it that they experience the snow :-) Returning from BPC

Avi said...

Near the ocean and snowing? wow! I would give anything to live near the beach. I can imagine fresh seafood. wow kaayo! BPC hop!

btw, curious kaau ko anang blog title nimo - porangag - unique, catchy...unsay meaning? bpc hop!

Chie said...

How cold it must have been in there with that freak snow.

It is really great to live in a place where you can easily access fresh seafoods. Fortunately my family live just few steps from the sea and fresh catch are most of the times served on our table.

emzkie said...

oh thats the year that we had tons and tons of snow.. it accumulated like more than 4ft. whew! almost covered me. lol
thanks for sharing your photo.

from BPC

Rcel said...

It must have been really nice to live in that place mami kay rare ra ang snow. Diri sa among frozen tundra, from November to April ang snow. Waaaaah!

That's a nice capture of the winter by the way! :)

BPC hopping here and sama nimo, adik ug Coach! :P

Bless said...

When we live in Georgia for about 2 years I did not experience snowing there. Seldom you can experience snow down there :-)

Late BPC hopping!