Sunday, August 19, 2012

talking with family

My brother, who is a seafarer, got online last night and wanted to talk. We talked about his work (he is on a boat right now), where he is going, and some of his plans and financial predicament. He has always been open to me about a lot of things so it was easy for us to talk. He told me to call our parents so they can get online and we all can talk but the oldies had all kinds of reasons not to get online. The brother was upset over it but he already knows our parents are busy so I told him not to dwell on it. While I was talking to our parents he joked that if they will get online they might get citizen watches from him as presents when his contract is over. I laughed because even that bribe (our dad is pretty crazy over watches) did not work. He even got reprimanded over it, lol. He should have known better not to mess with the oldies. All is well before we hang up though. Even with his financial worries, the brother was still in a good mood. He said being at work and having good health is reason enough to be upbeat about things. The parents, as usual, is broke but they said they are doing pretty good (they said they will be better if I send more money, waaaa). It was nice talking to family. I have not seen them in years but the bond is still there. I like how easy it is to laugh and joke with them still. I do hope that the husband's plan of going on an international trip will happen and soon. I think it is time we get to see the family I left back in Leyte.

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