Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i want new shoes!

No, I don't need it, I just want to have it. It is one of those days that I have a craving, only this time it is not for food. I have been itching to buy a new pair of shoes. I have searched online for the style I want. It is pretty and comfortable, just the way I like my shoes to be. The husband said no, I do not need new shoes. When I told him I do not need it he said there is no need to buy it then. Argh! I will have to explain things to him so he will say yes. I understand where he is coming from though because money is tight right now. I should have grabbed the chance when he offered to pay for the shoes I was holding (the same style I want to buy now) when we went shopping last month. I said no because I am a fool. Next time I will never say no. I am hoping money will start pouring in so I can buy the shoes I want. If only it is that easy :(


Dhemz said...

I want some new shoes too...hehehe..way kwarta maong magpuyo nlang!...apili lang ko inig shopping nimo!

tx sweetie said...

hahahahaha mao na ug naay mang hagad ayaw jud balibari kay sayang grasya na gud na lol

Anonymous said...

just go woth it mommy! you deserve it! heheheh another shoe therapy is really needed sometimes.