Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i think it is time to buy a replacement

My laptop is four years old. It should not surprise me when it stalls or it loads really slow. After all, aside from the fact that it is old, it only has 2G memory. It was pretty fast when I started using it but as I loaded it up with files through the years it started slowing down. I love it though. I am attached to it even if it is missing the letter C on the keyboard (courtesy of the little man). I do not want to part with it but if I cannot find a way to speed up my computer I am left with no choice but to buy a new one. I already told the husband of my plan and he agreed to it. It is getting aggravating when I try to open several windows at a time because it stalls and I have to wait for ages for it to straighten up. If only my computer will magically start loading fast I will really be happy. But as it is with technology, as a gadget gets old it also becomes obsolete so it somehow has to be replaced. Maybe I can still use my old computer as a backup when I get a new laptop.

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