Thursday, August 9, 2012


There are different kind of guitars out in the market anymore that I bet it is hard for musically inclined people to decide which one to buy. I mean, instead of just acoustic guitars, there are more to choose from since the invention of electric guitars. Then there are more variations of these two mentioned that when I encountered the words squier vintage modified telecaster thinline I did not even know it is a type of guitar. But then maybe because I am not musically inclined. People who are into music might know what it is. I only know of the general names like acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Any other variations than that and it is still guitar for me. I am that bad when it comes to naming my musical instruments. It is a wonder that I have a child who is into musical instruments. It must have come from his father's side of the family because none of mine has any talent, at all.

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