Sunday, August 26, 2012

a trip down south

The husband said we will go on vacation. I have been looking forward to it but I am not really sure if it is going to happen so I am trying not to look forward to it. It is complicated for the vacation is planned with his older daughter who is working, with kids, and has a sick husband. That is a lot of factor to consider that is why I am conflicted with my feelings. We could go by ourselves but it has been a while since we saw the stepdaughter's family. I think the husband just wants to be with his daughter since like I said we rarely see her anymore since we moved from the east coast. If the plan goes through, we will be spending days on the beach. I will surely love that. I know my family will. The little man has been telling us he wants to go to the beach while the husband is thinking about moving back to the coast. I plan on bringing coolers so I can buy seafood while at it. That is actually one of the reasons for the trip, for me to haul a bunch of fresh seafood to stock in my freezer. It will be a busy vacation but we will try to make it worth the time and the money. I just hope it will happen without a glitch.

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