Monday, July 16, 2012

we can see better

The husband and I had our eyes checked about a month ago. We decided to do it because it had been three years since I had my eyes checked and I was desperate for a new pair of eyeglasses. He, on the other hand, has needed one for years. We just kept on putting it off for one reason or another. Well, we finally did it and we are so happy. We found out that my eyesight are still the same and that I do not really need new eyeglasses (I opted to get new ones anyway). The husband has to have them. We did not order our eyeglasses at a high end eyeglass store (which was just beside the eye doctor's place) because they charge an exorbitant fee for a pair. We decided to shop around and with the suggestion of the stepdaughter, we ordered our glasses online. We could never be happier for our decision to heed her advice. I have two pairs of single vision eyeglasses for less than $60 and they are both pretty and comfortable to wear. The husband's eyeglasses cost more because his are progressive and he wanted to add extras to them. He is so amazed with how clear everything is. Silly man had to deprive himself for silly reasons. He made me order his glasses and I ordered four of them, two prescription sunglasses and two eyeglasses. I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses which I love. We are now set for a while. He can see better while I got what I wanted, several pairs of prescription eyeglasses. Happy!

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